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Bebe Rexha reacts to rumors that she died: "What the hell. That’s messed up"

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Turns out rumors of Bebe Rexha‘s death have been greatly exaggerated.  Just ask Bebe — who’s alive and well.

Responding to a tweet referencing rumors that she’d died following a drug overdose, Bebe wrote, “Jeez I stay off line for three days and not only am I dead but I died of a drug overdose?!?!”

She then posted the results of a search of her name, showing that the third result was “bebe rexha died.”

“3rd one…. ?!” she commented.

The “Meant to Be” singer then joked about it, tweeting, “I’m a ghost. I’m tweeting from your bedroom closet. Boo b***h,” and then posted audio of herself chanting “I’m a ghost/Boo, b***h.”

Bebe then treated the rumor more seriously, tweeting a response to a screenshot of a fake tweet that claimed that not only had CNN confirmed that she’d died of a drug overdose, but also included a picture of her “body” seemingly being wheeled away from a house, and an alleged “statement” from her family.

“Omg god forbid what the hell. That’s messsd up god forbid,” she wrote.

Then another fan tweeted a screenshot of an obviously faked online exchange with someone named Bukie Rexha — who may be an actual relative of Bebe’s — confirming that “she passed last night.”

“Whattttt putting my mom in the mix that’s messed uppppp,” Bebe responded.

Not only is Bebe very much alive, but she’s filming a movie and preparing the release of a new album.

By Andrea Dresdale
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