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Bebe Rexha still “Good” in 2023, has a new project with “dance elements”


In 2022, Bebe Rexha and her friend David Guetta scored a worldwide hit with “I’m Good (Blue).” It’s earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Recording. So, will 2023 find Bebe continuing the dance music vibe? Well, sort of.

“It’s funny because I started working on an album that has a completely different sound,” she told ABC Audio late last year. “It has dance elements in it, but it’s a little bit of a different departure from where ‘I’m Good’ is at, completely. But it does have somewhat of dance elements to it, which is good.”  

Bebe said the project was near completion, but that she wouldn’t release it until the new year. Other than that, Bebe said she didn’t necessarily have any major plans for this year — at least, none that she shared.

“I just keep doing what I’ve always been doing, which is constantly writing, staying in the studio, try to mind my business, live my life, enjoy my dog … and just writing,” Bebe said. “Honestly, I just do what I love.”

Bebe and David will find out on February 5 if they’ve won the Grammy. This Bebe’s third nomination, but she has yet to win. So far, David’s been nominated 11 times and won twice.

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