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Behind-the-scenes facts of Justin Bieber’s “Hold On” video revealed in 'Vevo Footnotes'

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In the latest episode of Vevo Footnotes, Justin Bieber reveals behind-the-scenes facts about his music video for “Hold On.”

The video’s emotional concept, which features Justin desperately robbing a bank in order to pay his dying girlfriend’s medical bills, was developed during a phone call between Justin and director Colin Tilley.

“Justin called me and said he wanted to do something action-packed with motorcycles, but also pull on the heart strings,” Tilley says.

He adds, “My grandmother just got diagnosed with very bad cancer and only has so much longer to live. It’s been on my mind and affecting me heavy, so of course this storyline came up.”

“It kinda just shows a story of humanity and of empathy…It’s kind of a learning lesson all around,” Justin says of the “Hold On” video. “Although it may seem like there’s these last resorts, let’s not cave into those things and let’s trust God that he’s going to handle the situation.”

Among the other interesting tidbits: the cinematographer crashed through a window at the bank with the camera to get a specific shot and had to get 14 stitches. And if you look closely, at the end you might be able to catch a sweet message Justin wrote on the whiteboard in the hospital.

Justin’s album JUSTICE comes out March 19.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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