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Best Time To Book Holiday Travel

Family looking out window at airport
Such large aircraft. Back view shot of young family with luggage standing near window in airport before boarding

Most travelers want to get the best price possible on airfare, especially during the holidays. But how do we go about doing that? One way to make sure you get the best flight deals is by setting airfare alerts, according to Melanie Lieberman, Senior Global Features Editor at The Points Guy. The alerts notify you when pricing for flights for your route drop, so you can snag your tickets then.

“We really want to encourage travelers to be proactive, to understand what is normal for their route, what is a good deal and when things are getting really expensive,” Lieberman explains. She recommends using sites like Google Flights and Hopper to watch for price trends.

Aside from flight alerts, the rule of thumb is to book as soon as possible. Lieberman says booking at least 21 days before your departure date can usually help you avoid the highest prices. But for holiday travel, there’s another way you could potentially save on flights – by traveling on the holiday itself. Ticket prices tend to be lower for those flights and flying on holidays may even be more enjoyable because it’s less crowded.