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Beyoncé joins TikTok, posts first video

E Beyonce 071422
Courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment

Queen Bey has entered the TikTok universe. 

Beyoncé posted her first TikTok video to her official account Thursday, a compilation of user-generated content inspired by her recent hit single, “Break My Soul.”

“Seeing y’all release the wiggle made me so happy!” says Beyoncé in the caption. “Thank you so much for all the love for BREAK MY SOUL! – Love B”

Thousands of fans flocked to the icon’s new social account to express their excitement.

“Can’t believe I’m witnessing Beyoncé’s TikTok era,” one user said. 

Another user pointed out that Beyoncé tagged each of the creators included in the mashup video. “The fact that she not only posted these amazing people but she tagged them too?!?” the user wrote. “Another reason why Bey is Queen!!”

Beyoncé’s entire catalog, including “Break My Soul,” is now available to users, according to the social platform. 

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