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Billie Eilish admits falling in love is “really spooky” for her


 Billie Eilish is dating The Neighbourhood‘s Jesse Rutherford, but the singer admits she finds it scary to fall in love, let alone talk about it.

Speaking with Highsnobiety, Billie confessed, “Falling in love is hard for me. It’s a spooky thing, love. It’s really spooky.”

Billie, who has normally kept her relationships out of the limelight, broke tradition with her latest romance.  She’s walked down event carpets with Rutherford and shouted him out recently in an interview with Vanity Fair.  

“We’re figuring it out, man,” Billie continued. She admitted she finds it hard to talk about “stuff like this.”

Billie did have an easier time talking about her style evolution and why she hated being platinum blonde during her Happier Than Ever era.

“I feel sexier when I dress masculine. I didn’t feel sexy for one second of being blonde… When I was blonde, people treated me differently. People completely changed their demeanor [around me],” she recalled. That experience, she said, was eye opening.

Billie explained, “I think that people have taken me more seriously because I’ve had this more masculine [way of dressing] throughout my career… If I had been more feminine and girly, people would’ve been a lot less respectful of me.”

In all, Billie said she veered from baggy clothing to being a blonde bombshell to “prove, ‘Hey, f*** you guys, I can do whatever I want.'”

“Now I can look really masculine if I want, and really feminine if I want, and it’s not gonna be a f***ing headline,” she remarked. 

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