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Billie Eilish explains why she made it a rule to “be honest as much as I can”

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If you talk to Billie Eilish, be prepared to hear the truth.

The Oscar-nominee told Vanity Fair she developed her desire to be truthful when she was a kid.   “I try to complain as little as possible, but also be really honest… which is kind of the opposite side of this kind of industry,” she explained. “And growing up as a fan and seeing celebrities and people in the public eye talk, I just always felt like everyone was bulls****ing and I felt like people weren’t telling the truth. And now that I’m in the industry, I know that people aren’t telling the truth almost 95% of the time.”

Billie says she “made it a rule in my own mind of kind of trying to be honest as much as I can.”  However, she admits it’s becoming harder to stick to that vow because “the more eyes that are on me, the less honest I could actually be.”

Billie finds it “sad” that artists cannot be “fully open and honest,” and remarked, “I always hoped that I would be able to be fully, 100% honest and say everything I was thinking all the time, and you just can’t because there’s too many people with different ideas and different brain things going on.”

The “bad guy” singer is looking ahead to the Oscars on April 3, where her 007 theme “No Time to Die” is up for Best Original Song. Discussing the ballad’s unique sound, Billie said she “strived” to make it “feel like me, but take nothing away from the franchise of James Bond… that it had all the Bondness that it needed.”

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