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Billie Eilish recalls her surprise while meeting King Charles III and family: “I was, like, ready to curtsy”

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Last year, when the James Bond film No Time to Die premiered in London, Billie Eilish — who wrote the movie’s theme song — got the chance to meet some of the British royal family, including then-Prince, now King, Charles III and Prince William. She says what struck her the most was, well, how chill they all were.

Speaking to Australian radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa on the Nova Network, Billie recalled that she had been given a long list of rules to follow ahead of meeting the royals, which promptly went out the window.

“I had it all ready to go,” she said. “I was, like, studying what the etiquette was supposed to be. I was, like, ready to curtsy. I was ready to not shake a hand. I was ready to not ask questions and not speak unless I was spoken to. And I was so worried about it! I was like, ‘I’m not gonna know how to do it!’”

“And they all walked in,” Billie continued. “And they were like, ‘What’s up!? How are ya!? How’s it going!?'”

“They were just so nice and friendly and charming,” she laughed.

Billie also shared with Fitzy and Wippa that these days, when she’s on tour, she’ll actually leave her hotel room…sometimes.

“I used to go out and like walk around and do stuff. And I don’t do that as much. Because life is a little different,” she laughed. ”For the last couple of years, when I was on tour, I was scared to step outside ’cause I was just worried [about people recognizing me]. But I am more chill about it now, I’m more comfortable.”

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