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Billie Eilish reflects on the embarrassing mistakes she made when she was younger

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Billie Eilish opened up about the regrettable choices she made as a young teen, saying they do not reflect who she is now.

Speaking to Vogue Australia recently, the “NDA” singer, who is now 19, expressed, “The weirdest thing is how nothing ever goes away once it’s on the internet. Every interview I did when I was 15 is still out there, and I think about it constantly.”

Eilish continued, “I said so many things then that I totally don’t agree with now, or think the opposite.”

The Grammy winner brought up an embarrassing answer she gave during an old interview, where she was asked how she spent her breaks.

“I said: ‘Even when I’m not making music, I’m making music.’… And it’s not even true,” she said, admitting she thought she sounded cool at the time. 

“When you’re a f***ing teenager, you don’t really know yourself, so you’re trying to figure yourself out. That was the hardest thing for me,” continued Eilish. “I didn’t actually know how I really felt. So I just came up with this facade that I stuck to.”

The “bad guy” singer then noted how unfair it is for her past to be used against her since everyone was once an embarrassing teenager.

“Don’t you guys understand that everybody is incredibly embarrassed and ashamed about their past? Like, do you not think about the fact that maybe you’re embarrassed of your past, so maybe everybody else is embarrassed, too?,” Eilish remarked.

“It’s really hard to control the narrative in a position like mine,” she continued, noting how her mistakes are picked apart by critics. 

However, Eilish is thankful for the lessons she’s learned, adding, “I just have loved growing up and loved changing and getting older. It’s just been the best thing ever to grow up.”

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