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Billie Eilish reveals that she was secretly a redhead for a week

Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

When Billie Eilish went blonde earlier this year, it made headlines. But it turns out she managed to keep another change she made to her hair color a few months ago under wraps.

On her Instagram Story on Monday, Billie posted photos dated November 22 of herself at a salon, sporting red hair. She captioned it, “Took the blonde out and went red for a week hehe.”  Ultimately, though, she ended up with a dark brunette color, which she debuted in early December.

It was in March of 2021 that the Grammy winner unveiled her platinum blonde ‘do, which she later revealed she’d covered with a black-and-green wig for weeks because it took that long to get the color right.

Billie posted the redhead pics as part of a response to fans choosing random dates and asking her to post photos that were taken on that day.  The photos that are currently live show her behind-the-scenes of the Met Gala and Saturday Night Live, the day she took all the publicity photos for her album Happier than Ever, a first look at her Met Gala dress, random pics of her dog, and photos of her leg bandaged after she suffered what she called a “really nice second degree burn.”

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