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Billie Eilish says she’s “conflicted” about sharing details of her life

Kelia Anne MacCluskey

In a new interview with British rapper Stormzy for i-D magazine, Billie Eilish says she feels “conflicted” about sharing too much of her personal life.

“I don’t always want to tell the world intimate details about my life, I don’t really want people to know everything about me, but at the same time I want people to be able to feel seen and heard if they’ve experienced the same things I have,” she explains.

“I want to be helpful. I want people to realize that it’s OK, that everyone goes through this,” Billie continues. “You can speak for people who don’t have a voice. But also, it’s conflicting, because sometimes you also don’t want to talk about it. It’s a tough responsibility because it’s also not my responsibility. I don’t owe anyone anything.”

The 19-year-old — who has a massive 90.4 million Instagram followers — says she feels similarly torn in her relationship with the internet. While she says she likes the internet and looking at “memes and s*** like that,” she acknowledges it’s almost impossible to avoid coming across stories about herself.

“I’m everywhere,” she says. “I feel sorry for all the people who hate me because they can’t avoid me either. But I don’t want to read about Billie Eilish doing this or that from someone who doesn’t know s*** about me. Like, please. I want to make music.”

Billie’s new concert film, Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles, debuted Friday on Disney+.

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