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Billie Eilish shouts out Archie the anaconda, her “Your Power” music video co-star

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Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

If you found yourself wondering if the snake coiled around Billie Eilish in her brand new “Your Power” music video was CGI, the Grammy winner wants you to know her co-star was 100 percent real.

Taking to her Instagram stories on Thursday, Billie shouted out Archie the green anaconda and shared some snippets of them hanging out between takes.

The first photo shared by the 19-year-old is the two preparing to start filming, with her standing up with Archie is coiled around her.  She timestamped the photo “March 19, 2021.  5:00 AM.”

The second is a video where she’s cooing over the milky-eyed snake, who is exploring her trailer and tries slithering under a pillow.

The singer is overheard asking her reptilian co-star, “Hi, buddy!  Is that cozy?  Is it so cozy?” and he lets out a small hiss, seemingly in response.

The final photo is of the two at ease in her trailer, with Billie captioning the snap, “I had Archie come cuddle with me between takes.”  

The mammoth anaconda is draped over her shoulder and, hilariously, appears to be studying at a poster revealing the trailer’s wifi password.  As for the “bad guy” singer, she is gently holding onto him with both hands and is smiling.

It should be noted that the green anaconda is the one of the largest snake species in the world as they can grow up to 29 feet and weigh over 550 pounds, according to National Geographic.

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