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Billie Eilish teases her second perfume is “eerie and darker and mysterious and wet”

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is gearing up for her second perfume launch, and she says it’s a little more sultry than her first offering.

Speaking with Elle, the singer admitted she was feeling “a lot of pressure” to come up with a follow-up that complimented her first fragrance. “Your second fragrance is always such a big deal,” she revealed, noting she was more excited than nervous about it.

“I wanted to have Eilish No. 2, whatever it was gonna be, be very inspired by Eilish the original, and sort of like a yin and yang. Not even the opposite, but just, like, a very, very different version of it,” she said, adding, “Eilish is very warm and sweet. It’s heavy, it’s really cozy. And [with] Eilish No. 2, I wanted [it] to feel kind of eerie and darker and mysterious and wet.”

So, what will her second fragrance smell like? Billie revealed, “I really wanted it to feel like rain and water and woods and trees and spices. I knew I wanted it to be wet-inspired, and kind of spicy.”

The singer also wanted this new offering to be more gender neutral. “I wanted to make it so that anyone could wear it,” she said. “I wanted it to be a different sibling to Eilish and just feel like the darker, more sultry sibling.”

Billie teased she has something special coming out to celebrate her second fragrance. “I wanted to create a little thing that goes with Eilish No. 2 that really highlights how it feels,” she said. “And I think we did that really well. So when people hear that, then that will go with Eilish No. 2.”

Eilish No. 2 is due out in November.

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