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Billie Eilish wants fans to vote in midterm elections, so she’s teamed with HeadCount


Billie Eilish is letting fans know that if they aren’t happy with the current state of political affairs and want things to change, they have to vote. That’s why she’s partnered with HeadCount.

HeadCount is a non-profit organization that works toward registering all eligible voters. Billie says in a statement of her new partnership, “I’m working with HeadCount to encourage everyone to show up at the polls and use their voice during these midterm elections.”

“With what is going on in our country we need to get out to the polls and vote for what we believe in,” she continued. “Not showing up is not an option.”

Fans who are eligible to vote have two new ways to check their registration status or sign up to vote: By visiting or texting “BILLIE” to 57568. Doing so opens fans up to a cool contest, where a grand prize winner will score a VIP trip to see Billie in Australia and New Zealand in September.

The winner and a friend won’t have to lift a finger to get ready as airfare, hotel accommodations and tickets will be included in the grand prize package. They will also be hooked up with a signed merchandise package.

According to HeadCount, nearly half of all individuals aged between 18 and 24 years old are still not registered to vote. That accounts for eight million votes.

“Gen Z represents a significant demographic that could greatly affect laws and policies across the country,” HeadCount explains. The organization hopes that by teaming with the “bad guy” singer, more people will be inspired to let their voices be heard during November’s midterm elections.

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