KS95’s Binge Watchathon: What You Should Be Watching While You’re Stuck Inside!

KS95’s Binge Watchathon: What You Should Be Watching While You’re Stuck Inside!

KS95’s Binge Watchathon: What You Should Be Watching While You’re Stuck Inside!

When it comes to binge watching television, there are plenty of options. Between Netflix, and Hulu, regular cable, and premium cable … depending on what you have you could fall into a black hole of binge watching for weeks, maybe even months. So to help you out over the next few extremely cold days, we had our team pick their favorite bingeworthy shows and movies for you to enjoy!

Crisco, Dez, and Ryan Recommend:

The hit show, The Americans is on Ryan’s current binge list. With six award winning seasons under its belt, he thinks this might be the perfect show for you:

If you’re #TeamDez all the way, you might enjoy one of her TWO suggestions. The first is the hit Netflix film, Dumplin’ starring Jennifer Aniston.

Or check out Dirty John on Bravo!

What about Crisco?! What’s he watching on a cold day inside. Crisco recommends ABC’s new show, A Million Little Things! It might be harder to binge since it’s an ABC series that has yet to hit streaming, but according to Crisco … it’s completely worth it.

Producer Rudy Recommends: Future Man (Hulu)

Darrin Recommends: Ozark (Netflix)

Moon & Staci Recommend:

If you’ve listened to the Afternoon Show lately, you can already guess that Moon highly recommends, Schitt’s Creek! The best part of this recommendation is that seasons 1-4 are available now on Netflix!

Now Staci on the other hand recommends something a little different. If you tend to lean more towards Staci when it comes to television choices, you might really enjoy one of these TWO options.
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Prime Video)

Or Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix)

Bangs & Grant Recommend: The Punisher (Netflix)

or check out Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (Netflix)

JoJo Recommends: The Ted Bundy Tapes (Netflix)

Carissa Recommends: Jack Ryan (Prime Video)


So there you have it! If you were looking for something to sink your teeth into over the next few biting cold days, we’ve just given you OVER THIRTEEN different options! Did we miss something? What do you recommend for us?

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