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Birthday Weekend of Fall Fun!


Looking for a fun fall weekend? Go to St. Croix! We spent an entire day there and the fall colors alone was worth the drive! (it’s over an hour drive from where I live)

I go every fall to Fawn-doe-Rosa for my birthday, its the most magical place to me.  You can pet any animal that will let you and they just roam free. If I lived closer I would totally try to get a job there.















I heard about St. Croix Chocolate Co and their award winning chocolate so since we were in the area we drove over there, about 20 minutes from Fawn-Doe-Rosa. Its a tiny little shop and we waited in a small line but it was WORTH it. I got a mix of flavors and the apple caramel was so good, I went back 15 minutes later to buy more. We tried Brookside bar and grill for lunch which was right next door and it was soooo good! Loved the tuna melt.













On Sunday we went to Spinning Wylde. They are closing their location in St Paul but will still be at the fair! Their cotton candy is dye free and so pretty, Nilly had a glow stick inside hers! Yummy too!