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BLACKPINK becomes first girl group to be named ‘TIME’ magazine’s entertainer of the year

ABC/Randy Holmes

TIME magazine crowned BLACKPINK 2022’s entertainer of the year, making them the first girl group to ever secure the honor. 

The outlet says BLACKPINK — comprised of members JennieJisoo, Lisa, and Rosé — earned the title for multiple reasons. The K-pop group is the most followed musical act on YouTube, boasting over 83 million subscribers. Secondly, their sophomore effort, Born Pink, sold over 2 million copies since its September release, which makes them the Korean girl group with the best-selling album.

TIME also lauded BLACKPINK for their influence on fashion. Examples of their fashion dominance include Jennie’s ambassadorship for Chanel, Jisoo’s work with Dior, Lisa’s partnership with luxury brand Seline and Rosé making waves at last year’s Met Gala with her head-turning Saint Laurent gown. She also is a brand ambassador for the company.

The magazine also noted BLACKPINK is still on tour and has roughly 20 more dates to complete. As for their plans for the future, Jennie told the outlet, “Now we know how to take care of ourselves a little better … We try to be prepared in terms of our health and our mental health.”

“My No. 1 rule is not to look ahead, and enjoy every day, because it gets too overwhelming once we start planning a year ahead, two years ahead,” she added.

Aside from being “rock stars,” per Rosé’s words, Jennie notes the group has worked extremely hard to be where they are.

“We put in a lot of work so we could look like superwomen,” she said. “We’re very normal girls, at the end of the day.”

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