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Blasting our favorite tunes: Nicky Youre wants “Sunroof” to be song of the summer


When Nicky Youre wrote “Sunroof” in his bedroom in April 2021, he knew it was a good song. But he never imagined it would become not just a TikTok hit, but a radio smash. Now, the California native says he’d love if the feel-good song ends up being the official song of the summer for 2022.

“I never expected it to go to this level,” he tells ABC Audio. “You know, I remember making the song and thinking it was super special. We had to go through 23 different versions of the song, and I wanted to do that because I was like, ‘This song is so sick … I’ve got to make sure it’s as close to perfect as possible.”

Nicky adds that the song’s success has “kinda made me feel good about my own decisions as an artist when making the song, and [it] was reassuring for me.”

As for his song of the summer goals, Nicky admits, “That’s obviously what I’m hoping for. I’m definitely not saying that it is or isn’t, because I’m not going to chase it … I’d rather just let the world take it and see what happens. But I mean, that’d be the craziest feeling ever … there’s only one of those a summer. So if that was my song, it’d be a pretty special moment for me.”

But while he’s waiting for that to happen, Nicky is deciding what to do about a pretty ironic problem: the sunroof on his own car is broken.

“I’m planning, hopefully in the next couple of months, to get a whole new car,” says Nicky, who got a degree in international business at the University of California San Diego. “But cars are expensive right now, so I’m, like, kind of waiting now and trying to make sure I’m fiscally responsible!”

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