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Bono's daughter reveals how she was able to prank call Justin Timberlake

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Bono learned a valuable lesson about leaving his address book, that listed the names and numbers of his famous friends, unprotected. 

In a new interview, Eve Hewson, the daughter of the U2 rocker, revealed exactly what mischief she got into when her teenaged self got her hands on her father’s contact list.

Speaking with British talk show This Morning, the 29-year-old Irish actress confessed, “I like to take advantage of my circumstances sometimes, and when I was younger I stole my dad’s address book, I tried to prank call a few people.”

She reveals that her big sister, Jordan Hewson, joined in on the mischief and said there was one name in her father’s contacts that they had to prank call — Justin Timberlake.  Lucky for them, the former NSYNC heartthrob actually answered his phone.

“Justin Timberlake picked up, so we asked him trivia questions from the back of a cereal box,” giggled Hewson. 

Thankfully, the “Cry Me a River” singer took their call in stride, with the actress smiling, “It was one of the best moments of my life.”

When asked how Justin was at cereal box trivia, Hewson confirmed he did “well.”

“He didn’t hang up or sort of question [us,]” the 29-year old furthered. “He just kept answering!  I don’t know what his need to win is.  He must be a very competitive person.”

Competitiveness aside, the Behind Her Eyes star joked that, perhaps, the Grammy winner entertained the call because he was “charmed by us.”

Hewson did not reveal what happened after her famous father found out about his daughters’ prank calls or who else the two dialed up before striking gold with Justin Timberlake.

By Megan Stone
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