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Bowen Yang reveals Ryan Reynolds took his photo with Taylor Swift after SNL performanceBowen Yang reveals Ryan Reynolds took his photo with Taylor Swift after SNL performance

Saturday Night Live - Season 47
Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

Imagine wanting to take a picture with Taylor Swift and two other celebrities decide to crash the picture?  That happened to Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang, who revealed just how lucky he was to have met the singer on the late-night sketch show.

Speaking to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the comedian admitted he was desperate to take a picture with the Grammy winner after she wrapped her SNL performance last month.  She had performed the 10-minute version of her number one hit, “All Too Well.”

Bowen said he went up to her dressing room and just stood there because he was “not sure whether or not to knock on her door.”  The comedian had worried, “After the show she’s probably riding high, she doesn’t want to talk to the riffraff like me,” but he eventually gathered the courage to knock.

The Emmy-nominee said he is glad he took that leap of faith because Taylor was thrilled he wanted to take a photo.  She also asked if Stranger Things star Sadie Sink, the “star and muse” of the “All Too Well” music video, could join them.  Bowen said things took an awesome turn when Taylor turned to ask the “other people in the dressing room” if someone could take the photo.

“And then, Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds was like, ‘I’ll do it,'” and managed to angle the camera so his reflection appeared in the mirror behind the smiling trio. 

Bowen said he is “blissed out” by what happened and called the “willow” singer “a hero.”

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