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Brand-new Dua Lipa song from ‘Gully’ movie soundtrack, “Can They Hear Us,” arrives today

Getty Images for dcp

Dua Lipa has not one but two new releases for fans today: A new video and a brand-new song from a movie soundtrack.

The new song is called “Can They Hear Us,” and it appears on the soundtrack of Gully, a new movie directed by Nabil, who directed Dua’s clip for “Don’t Start Now.”  He’s also been behind the camera for John Legend‘s “All of Me” video, Bruno Mars‘ “Grenade” clip, and videos by Kanye West, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish and more.

Gully is about three marginalized teens in Los Angeles whose friendship saves them when a dark secret is revealed.  The soundtrack and the movie are both out now; the film comes to VOD on Tuesday, June 8.

And at 8 a.m. ET today, Dua will drop the video for “Love Again,” a track from her Future Nostalgia album.  Teases she’s released for the tune feature the singer wearing clown makeup and dancing with an unseen man.

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