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Britney has a rude suggestion for haters who questioned her topless Instagram pic

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Earlier this week, Britney Spears posted a photo that showed her topless, but from the back.  When fans began insisting that it wasn’t a photo of Britney because it didn’t show her tattoos, the singer clapped back hard.

Britney posted a graphic on Friday that reads, “While you’re talking behind my back feel free to bend down and kiss my a**.”  In the caption, she wrote, “Ok so … I edited out my tattoo on my neck cause I wanted to see what it would look like clean… and yeah I like it better so while you guys are talking behind my back go ahead and kiss my a** haters.” 

Fans quickly flooded the comments section, with some writing “Free Britney!” and others insisting that she couldn’t have possibly written that post because “Britney is never this rude.”

“Exes and Oh’s” singer Elle King wrote, “7/14 WE SUPPORT THE REAL BRITNEY! Free Britney!”  July 14 is when the next hearing in her conservatorship case is set to take place.

Back in February, Britney’s social media manager insisted that the singer “creates her own posts and writes her own captions for Instagram.”  The new New Yorker article that takes a deep dive into her conservatorship backs this up: It reads, “Spears, according to her management, typically writes the posts and submits them to CrowdSurf, a company employed to handle her social media, which then uploads them.”

However, the article notes, “In rare cases, posts that raise legal questions have been deemed too sensitive to upload. ‘She’s not supposed to discuss the conservatorship,’” the team member said.”

That rule has evidently gone out the window, with Britney writing shortly after her recent bombshell court hearing statement, “I apologize for pretending like I’ve been ok the past two years … I did it because of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me.”

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