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Britney Spears’ attorney files petition to end conservatorship, demands investigation into alleged wiretapping


It’s official: Britney Spears‘ attorney has formally asked for her 13-year conservatorship to end in a court filing obtained by ABC News.

“After more than a decade, the time has come for Ms. Spears’ freedom,” writes attorney Mathew Rosengart in the filing.  But in addition to calling for the termination of the convervatorship, Rosengart’s filing also asks for material related to recent reports that Britney’s former conservator, her dad, Jamie Spears, illegally bugged her home and recorded her conversations.

Rosengart wants “all documents and communications relating to the electronic surveillance, monitoring, cloning, or recording of the activity of Britney Jean Spears’ personal telephone, including…the surveillance,  monitoring…or recording of calls, e-mails, text messages, internet browser use or history, and social media use or direct messages on social media.”

He also wants documents and communications “relating to any recording or listening device in the home or bedroom of Britney Jean Spears.”

In fact, Rosengart is requesting all documents and communications between Jamie Spears and all entities and people related to the conservatorship, as well as an accounting of how much Mr. Spears himself received in his role as conservator, and how much of an allowance Britney was permitted.

Rosengart has also cheekily requested that Mr. Spears produce any documents or communications “relating to any training, schooling or education you received relating to how to be a fiduciary or manage the financial affairs of a third party.”  Rosengart has long maintained that Mr. Spears controlled Britney’s vast wealth despite not having any financial background whatsoever.

The next court hearing is set for November 12; at that time, Judge Brenda J. Penny will consider terminating the conservatorship.

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