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Britney Spears claims her former management company “were trying to kill me”

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Britney Spears has leveled some alarming claims against her former management company, Tristar Sports and Entertainment Group.

According to the since-deleted Instagram post, the “Toxic” singer called out former business manager Lou Taylor, founder and CEO of Tri Star, and director Robin Greenhill.  She said the two “sucked up to me and ‘made me feel special” at a lunch that took place “a week before they sent me away to that f****** place.”

Britney didn’t go into specifics, but some fans believe the “place” is the mental health facility to which she was admitted in 2019.

“My dad worshipped those two women and would have done anything they asked of him !!!!  I think they were trying to kill me … I still to this very day believe that’s EXACTLY what they were trying to do,” Britney wrote. “Nobody else would have lived through what they did to me.”

The Grammy winner didn’t elaborate on their alleged actions but did say she plans to “sue the s*** out of Tri Star” because “they got away with all of it.”

Lou Taylor resigned as Britney’s business manager in October 2021.  Britney previously accused Taylor of bugging her bedroom and controlling her medications.  Taylor denies the claims.  Tri Star representatives have since refuted Britney’s new claims.

In another deleted post, Britney took aim at her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, and accused her of sabotaging her reputation.

“You have the right to tell your story but honestly the timing … right when people are just counting down the seconds until I do something wrong, you come out and literally say hurtful things about me lying,” she wrote.  “I’m honestly wondering if this is all a joke and you’re testing me because this is so far from you it’s not even funny.”

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