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Britney Spears details restaurant experience that brought her to tears: “Wow, is this what I’ve been missing?”

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Britney Spears is continuing to indulge herself now that she’s free of her 13-year conservatorship, and her most recent outing brought tears to her eyes.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Britney opened up about having a magical dining experience at a “very nice place in Los Angeles.”

“I didn’t have any expectations at all because I haven’t been out in a while,” she admitted, but she was blown away by the experience.  “It was absolutely beautiful,” she declared.  “I looked up and it was a glass roof, I could see the stars.”

The singer took a beat to rave about the “girly” and “beautiful” women’s restrooms before going into detail about her fine dining experience.  Britney revealed that restaurant is where she was finally able to enjoy a glass of red wine, her first in 13 years, which was a profound moment for her.

“I felt more sexy in that restaurant than I ever have in my entire life … Then I look up at the stars.  Wow, is this what I’ve been missing???,” she wrote, adding that the second course — which she described as a “crunchy sushi with a sweet sauce” — brought her to tears.  “It made me want to cry, so I did !!! I cried over food in this beautiful restaurant … I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing.”

“I will say it was one of the most magical experiences of my life and I will never forget it,” Britney added, but declined to reveal the name of the institution.  However, she did provide fans a quick glimpse at the fancy place when sharing a video of her cracking open her dessert, a chocolate tower, with the side of her spoon.

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