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Britney Spears’ ex, Kevin Federline, is “very happy” about her engagement

Britney and then-husband Kevin Federline in 2006; J.Sciulli/WireImage for Ogilvy Public Relations

Britney Spears‘ recent engagement to Sam Asghari has the blessing of her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

“Kevin is very happy for Britney and wishes both she and Sam a happy and full future together,” Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, tells Entertainment Tonight. “It would seem to indicate that positive things are going forward for her as she takes more control of her life.”

Britney and Federline were married from 2004-2007 and share two children together: sons Jayden, 15, and Sean, who turns 16 on Tuesday.

In a statement back in June, Kaplan said Federline also supported Spears’ efforts to end her 13-year conservatorship.

“What is best for her, Kevin supports her in being able to do that,” said Kaplan at the time. “It doesn’t matter how positive of an effect a conservatorship has had if it’s having a deleterious effect and detrimental effect on her state of mind.  So he supports her having the best environment for her to live in and for his children to visit with their mother in.”

Last week, ABC confirmed that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, had filed to end the conservatorship of the pop star’s estate, which has been in place since 2008.

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