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Britney Spears’ older brother controlled her friendships long before conservatorship, claims former dancer

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Is Britney Spears‘ big brother “Toxic”?  According to one of her former backup dancers, the answer may be yes.

Anthony Garza, who worked with the pop singer in the early aughts and appeared alongside Britney in her famous Live From Miami special, claimed on Instagram Wednesday that Britney’s brother, Bryan Spears, controlled his sister years before she was placed in a conservatorship.  

Anthony alleged Bryan controlled who could and could not be friends with Britney and meddled when she tried making plans, so she would wind up “home alone” instead.  He laid out several examples of how Britney’s big brother treated her inner circle during her 2005 Onyx Hotel tour.

“We were told from the beginning that everyone would be drug tested and to keep [our] communication minimal with Britney,” said Anthony.  “They told us ‘If Britney asks if you have plans… you don’t.  If Britney asks you to go somewhere …you can’t.'”

Garza shared a story where he claims Britney invited him and a few of her other friends to her New York City apartment, but shortly after receiving the invite, Garza says Bryan “told us plans were canceled and Britney would be spending the evening with family, and that if Britney called don’t answer.”  Garza further writes that Britney wound up spending the night alone.

When Britney found out why her friends were a no-show, “She was livid yelling at her brother ‘You can’t control me’ and such,” Garza writes.

“She is such a sweet person.  She just wanted to hang out and have fun,” he closed.  Anthony adds his tale barely scratches the surface of the “abuses” Britney’s withstood before her conservatorship was enacted.

“I plan on sharing much more so stay tuned,” he promised.

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