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Britney Spears was “so sad” following Justin Timberlake breakup, says Jamie Lynn

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Jamie Lynn Spears provided an untold story of how her sister Britney Spears handled the highly publicized breakup from Justin Timberlake.  

Britney and Justin dated from 1998 to 2002 and their breakup sent shockwaves across the globe. On a two-part episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast debuting Monday night, Jamie Lynn reveals how she and her sister dealt with the heartbreak.

“I think everyone thought it was forever,” she says, according to a preview of the episode obtained by People. “I was so sad, first off because my sister was so sad, but that, too, was the first time I saw [that] maybe I didn’t know everything about the relationship. Perhaps they were protecting me and obviously why would they talk to me about anything.”

Jamie Lynn, who was a pre-teen at the time, confesses she “truly” has no idea why Britney and Justin called it quits.  She adds Justin’s 2002 hit “Cry Me a River” further complicated the delicate situation because the track ignited rumors that Britney had cheated on the *NSYNC singer.

Justin publicly apologized for his actions after last year’s Framing Britney Spears documentary revisited the damage his post-breakup behavior had on the “Toxic” singer.

“I thought how heartbreaking it must have been for my sister when ‘Cry Me a River’ came out…,” says Jamie Lynn, adding her sister’s response song made her feel “really sad” about her situation.

“My sister, she wrote that song ‘Everytime‘ and she’s beyond brilliant with anything creative and she picked that song out on the piano and she wrote it,” she says.  “It still makes me cry because I think about how heartbroken she was, because that was her song and that was his song.”

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