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Bro Weekend: Hutch-a-Palooza 2.0

Hutch had his big 40th birthday last week. First off, happy belated birthday Hutch! Hitting you’re 40th is a big milestone, so Hutch wanted to do something special for his big day. So, he planned Hutch-a-Palooza! A huge party with music, games, food & drinks and much, much more. He had flyers printed up, put them up all around the building and invited anyone and everyone! The party of all parties was all set to go. Well, the day of Hutch-a-Palooza finally came and how’d it go? Not a single person showed up. Zero, zilch, not a soul. Hutch was rightfully upset and we knew there was only one person that could cheer him up. Our one and only, Crisco! So, we arranged Hutch-a-Palooza 2.0. Crisco and Hutch were going to hit the town over the weekend and have a slumber party. Tons of fun plans were arranged, food and snacks were purchased, the bro weekend was all set to go. Here’s how it went!