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Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak Debut Collaboration “Silk Sonic”


Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak have collaborated on the new musical project Silk Sonic. 

Both artists have had obvious influences by R&B, funk and hip-hop throughout their careers, and Silk Sonic certainly lands in a space in-between those influences. Their first track, “Leave the Door Open” feels like a timeless soul track from the 70’s, just as the eras of funk, disco and soul were beginning to explode into something special. All instrumentation aside, it’s a soothing experience listening to Bruno and Anderson pass the mic back and forth. It’s one of those collaborations you didn’t know you needed. Paak has a unique way of adding grit to sensual lyrics and Bruno has long been known to execute huge pop ballads.

Sprinkled in with the smooth bassline, soulful chords and classic rhythms are tambs, congos and backing vocals that glue this soulful jam together. The full music video has a retro-warmth type of energy that immediately brings you back in time to an era of music that’s taken the backseat to the high energy, electronic feel of today’s pop music.


Checkout the full music video below.