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Bryan Adams to play for thousands at Germany's first large-scale concert since pandemic

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A concert planned for September in Germany will be that country’s first real test of whether or not it’s safe to hold large-scale live music events — and Bryan Adams has offered himself up as the headliner.

The outdoor concert, dubbed Give Live a Chance!, will take place at a soccer stadium in Düsseldorf on September 4, and 12,000 fans are expected to attend, Billboard reports. Concertgoers will be seated five feet apart, and must wear masks at all times. 

Alcohol will be prohibited and no food will be sold in the stands, though fans can buy packaged food and drinks from runners.  Nobody will be allowed to get up for anything but bathroom breaks.

According to Billboard, fans will receive specific time slots for entering and leaving the concert, and will have to submit their personal details while buying tickets, which will be used for contact tracing of infections.  They must confirm that they’ve haven’t been to any coronavirus hotspots, that they are symptom-free, and that they haven’t had any contact with an infected person in the last 14 days.

As for the performers — including Bryan and four other acts — they’ll all do shorter sets. On social media, Bryan said he’d be playing acoustically, without a band.

According to Billboard, a local health minister has already complained that it’s “irresponsible” to encourage people to travel to Düsseldorf from all over the country.  The mayor of that city defended the decision to go forward with the show, saying that all the rules and restrictions will be followed.

Tickets go on sale August 11 from Ticketmaster Germany and  Ticket buyers will be able to get refunds if the show ends up being canceled.



By Andrea Dresdale
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