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BTS hilariously teaches Stephen Colbert some new hand gestures

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Stephen Colbert can’t get enough of BTS, which is why he invited the K pop sensations to teach him some new hand gestures that “all the cool kids are going to be using next.”

Appearing remotely on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night, the “Butter” singers, led by RM, kicked things off with a history lesson about one of their contributions to pop culture — the tiny heart hand gesture.

“A few years ago, we helped popularize finger hearts, a symbol that means love and affection. But that’s only one of many popular gestures we use,” the pop singer explained while holding up his crossed index finger and thumb to demonstrate how the hand gesture works.

The band went on to explain how they speak to each other with their hands, jokingly revealing the gestures they use to convey “large intestines,” “pizza,” “Double bunny,” “Forget running, I just got a new pogo stick,” “Help!  That guy stole my pogo stick,” and many others.

Junkook however, had one of the most memorable exchanges by holding up the Vulcan Salute while he deadpanned, “This means ‘Live Long and Prosper.’ I invented it and Star Trek learned it from me.  How is that possible?  Because Star Trek takes place in the future.”

The septet also showed off the hand gesture that summons Colbert, who runs up to them breathless to see why they called.

Upon Jimin explaining that it was only a demonstration, the late night host huffed, “Again? You know I have a show tonight. It’s a 16-hour plane ride back from Korea.”

The K pop group also performed their new single “Butter” live from Korea, with a simultaneous premiere on YouTube to tease their upcoming livestream event BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO that airs June 13 and 14.

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