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BTS’ RM admits the band was “disappointed” they didn’t win a Grammy this year

BTS's New Album 'BE (Deluxe Edition)' Release - Press Conference
The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

BTS was up for Best Pop/Group Performance at this year’s Grammy Awards but the trophy ultimately went to Doja Cat and SZA for “Kiss Me More.” Which at least one BTS member confesses was a letdown.

“We were kinda disappointed when we heard that Doja Cat was going to win but that’s all right,” RM said, according to Geo.TV

RM interacted with fans over the weekend via a live Q&A session and opened up about his Grammys experience. Speaking about the septet performing “Butter” live on stage, he said, “It was fine. We enjoyed the performance. We were anxious about mistakes but there were no mistakes. Everyone gave us applause and stood up so we appreciate it. The performance was everything.”

RM also shared his thoughts about critics, which he says the group shrugs off because they’ve “always had haters.” He explained, “It could be our fault but a lot of times it’s not our fault. There were always haters. All teams have their haters.”

He also said there’s a “positive thing” about having naysayers, which is: “Having haters here in the U.S…. means we’re mainstream!”

RM’s fans also asked him about his family plans, and the singer reversed course on wanting to start a family. “I used to want to have kids so bad but now? Not so much,” he admitted. Apparently, he’s done some deep thinking about how he treated his mom when he was a tot and revealed, “I was not a very nice kid to my mom so I don’t like that idea.”

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