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BTS to discuss #PermissiontoDance challenge on YouTube with Coldplay’s Chris Martin

YouTube Originals

It’s kinda random, but BTS and Coldplay’s Chris Martin are teaming up on a project.

On Thursday, September 9 at 11:45pm, BTS will appear on YouTube Originals’ weekly series RELEASED, along with Chris. They’ll discuss the #PermissiontoDance challenge on YouTube Shorts, among other topics. They’ll also screen a selection of videos created by BTS fans from around the world.  You can watch a teaser of the episode on YouTube now.

Then at midnight, September 9, the “Shorts Challenge version” of the “Permission to Dance” music video will have its premiere.

The #PermissiontoDance challenge started on July 23.  Fans were asked to make 15 second YouTube Shorts that included the “International Sign” gestures for “joy,” “dance” and “peace,” which were featured in the song’s original music video.


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