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Business Is Now Boomin’

A freshly shorn alpaca walks on a field at Alpaca-Land farm in Obertrum in the Austrian province of Salzburg, Tuesday May, 14, 2013. The annual shearing is done in the spring to make the animals more comfortable for the summer months. (AP Photo/Kerstin Joensson)

Last week Corky called the show asking for Crisco to write her a song. Well Crisco can’t just write a song for anybody, anytime they want. He needs to be inspired. He needs to feel a connection and be motivated to write a song. So he asked Corky, why do you want me to write you a song? Corky had a very good reason. You see, Corky has an alpaca farm and her and her husband recently decided they’re going to open it up to the public. They’re going to have an alpaca zoo if you will, and she wants a song for their new business adventure. A song that will catch the public’s ear and let the world know “we have an alpaca farm folks, and damn right it’s open for business!” So, Crisco paused for a second, took a deep breath and said… I’ll let the band know we have a song to record tonight. Just like that, it was on. Crisco had 24 hours to write Corky a hit about her alpaca farm. Something she can post on social media, something she can share with the public, something she can play at the farm! So, this can’t be just your typical Crisco and the Mouthkissers song. This has to be a hit and a song that won’t embarrass Corky’s new business. People’s livelihoods are on the line here. So, Crisco sat down after the show and started to put pen to paper. After finishing the lyrics, he assembled his band and ultimately, this was born (Listen Here). Some people say that God was in that tiny garage in Roseville that night. Some people say there’s no way this was the work of Crisco, someone else most’ve wrote this. There’s even a rumor going around that Ed Sheeran actually produced this song and Crisco hacked his phone and just straight up stole it. I suppose we’ll never truly know how this song came to be, but most of us choose to believe this really was all Crisco… and maybe just a dash of magic. What we all can agree on though, this is quite possibly Crisco’s finished work ever, and it may not even be close. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you be the judge. To learn more about Corky’s alpaca farm, Farm Cabin Alpacas, you can visit their site at or click here.