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Buy This $100 Super Realistic Muscle Suit to Look Super Swole This Summer [PIC]


Here’s a foolproof way to get the perfect beach body: Just buy it online.

Did your fitness standards slip during coronavirus gym closures? Not to worry.

Chinese e-bazaars are now selling hyperrealistic muscle suits that make people look ripped without leaving the sofa.

For upward of $100, COVID couch potatoes can head to the site Taobao and purchase a Smitizen brand silicone bodysuit so realistic-looking, it evokes a “Terminator” human-skin suit, the Daily Mail reported.

That’s because, unlike the polyester muscle suits worn for Halloween, these wearable beach bodies are made from 100% medical-grade silicone.

The swoll-inducing body skins come as either upper-, lower- or full-body casts, depending on which body parts need embellishment.


Other vendors also are selling an upper-torso version of a bodybuilder suit for just under $200 on sites including Aliexpress and eBay. Dubbed the “Chest Vest Enhancement Cosplay Suit,” the costume doesn’t cover the arms, so customers might want to do some bicep curls before purchasing.

Masquerading as musclebound might be aesthetically pleasing, but it, unfortunately, won’t combat obesity — which saw a major spike due to people’s increasingly sedentary lives during the lockdown