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Camila Cabello explains why ’Familia’ will feel “different” than her other albums

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Camila Cabello is ready to re-introduce herself to fans on Friday with her new album, Familia.  The “Bam Bam” singer revealed why this album feels like a fresh start for her.

“I feel like a lot of people have told me, ‘This feels different than your other albums,'” she told Entertainment Tonight in a new interview. “That it feels more grounded. It feels more honest.”

Familia is Camila’s first album since her breakup with Shawn Mendes, whom she dated for two years. To help her heal from the heartbreak, the Grammy winner said she turned to her music for comfort.

“For me, my process is really cathartic,” she said of recording Familia. “It’s me kind of singing anything that I think about and feel into a microphone. I do, like, seven takes of that. I do that for, like, 25 minutes, and then me and my collaborators talk about it. Then we are like, ‘Oh, you said this, that was really cool.’ We brainstorm, we fill it in and then that becomes a song.”

Camila said “there was no barrier of pressure, of anxiety” when making her new album. “It was very unfiltered,” she noted, adding, “[I]t was literally what I was feeling that day. And I think that comes through in the music.”

“Bam Bam,” she revealed, was inspired by the vicious “cycle” of being “on the ground crying on the bathroom floor and then you’ll have feelings for another person again, and you’ll be crying on the bathroom floor again.”

Familia drops Friday.

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