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Camila Cabello on sex toys, nip slips and getting drunk with Taylor

John Phillips/Disasters Emergency Committee/Getty Images for Livewire Pictures Ltd

Camila Cabello has never been one to hold back, and she definitely doesn’t in a new interview with U.K.’s Hits Radio.

In a round of “Answering the Internet,” Camila responds to random questions or comments that people have asked about her or made about her on Twitter.  Asked to name the most surreal place she’s been recognized, Camila admits, “I think there was a picture of me at a sex toy shop once, and I was just, like, getting a vibrator.”

She laughs, “There was a picture, and I was like, ‘That’s a weird place for people to be like, ‘Is that the singer?'”

When another fan asks her about her notorious “nip slip” on BBC’s The One Show — in which she briefly exposed her breast while showing off her favorite dance move — Camila replied, “I really don’t care about my nip slip…I’ve purposely nip-slipped before. Publicly!  Have you ever been topless, ladies, in the ocean? It feels amazing and I hate that they deprive us of that!”

Asked to name the first thing she does in the morning, Camila says bluntly, “On a day when I’m not working and I can sleep late…I’ll just get up and pee.”

Finally, asked what she and her pals Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift talk about when they’re hanging out, Camila laughed, “We’ve hung out together, like, two times and we were all very drunk. I don’t remember what we talked about!”

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