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Candy Cane Ring Inspired by the movie Elf

Candy canes
Vector illustration of classic candy cane.

OMG I saw this and I’m SO JEALOUS I didn’t know about this ring when I got engaged a billion years ago! HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THIS?? Angelic Diamonds has created a Candy Cane ring inspired by the movie “Elf,” in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Christmas classic.  

  The engagement ring is designed to replicate the shape of Buddy the elf’s shoe:

  • It features an 18-karat yellow-gold band with two pear-shaped gemstones in the center – a green emerald, the same color as Buddy’s uniform, and a smaller diamond, to symbolize a white Christmas.
  • And since it’s a Candy Cane Sparkler, the ring also has 10 small red and white diamonds on the band, which has snowflakes engraved inside as well.
  • The packaging is full of Christmas magic, too. The ring’s box is actually a snow globe that features the New York City skyline, where the movie is set.
  • The box is engraved with a quote from the movie: “I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it.”

For anyone who wants to pop the question with this Candy Cane Sparkler, Buddy the Elf ring, it can be yours for $18,750.