Crisco, Dez & Ryan | Featured | KS95

Celebrating 100 Pounds Down!

Last Friday was a big and very special day for all of us in the KS95 family. Especially for the “Big Guy” otherwise known as Crisco. He may not be known as that for much longer though. Crisco embarked on a weight lost journey right around Thanksgiving of 2021 with a goal of losing 250 pounds. Last Friday Crisco officially hit 100 pounds lost! Less than four months into his journey, well ahead of schedule. For those of us that have been following Crisco’s journey, whether on-air, on his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or however else you may be keeping up with Crisco we know how hard he’s worked and how much effort and energy he has put into this. Every single day. Making major lifestyle changes that would be extremely hard for anyone to make, working out tirelessly, and keeping track of every single crumb he consumes every single day. 100 pounds lost, it has not been easy, but is well deserved! Needless to say, we felt this called for a celebration. With the help of friends, family and local community members we all know we were able to put together a celebration to let Crisco know how happy we are for him, how proud we are, and how much we love him. During our Friday 3 Song Showdown we paused for a moment to congratulate Crisco. With the studio decked out with balloons, banners, and more, Ryan and Dez delivered some very heartfelt words and we played Crisco a montage full of people who wanted to express their love for him and say congrats. You can use the following link to watch the whole thing. Friendly heads up, you may want to have some tissues nearby. And once more, congratulations Crisco. We love you, we’re so proud of you, and here’s to the next 100 pounds!