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Charli XCX documents how she and her fans struggled through the pandemic in ’Charli XCX: Alone Together’

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Photo courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment

Charli XCX:Alone Together was released today on Hulu, giving the world an intimate glance at how the “Boom Clap” singer and her fans struggled through the pandemic.

The documentary-style film provides a raw, unflinching glimpse at Charli’s own mental health battles that lockdown exacerbated because she was cut off from her main line of support — her fanbase.  But, the movie is also a story of triumph because it also follows the Grammy nominee making her socially distanced new album, how i’m feeling nowIn addition, it documents how Charli connected with her followers and how their input helped shape her 2020 studio work and her understanding of her own mental health issues.

The film’s directors, Pablo Jones-Soler and Bradley Bell said in a statement, “We hope that audiences walk away seeing the value of human connection and the importance of community. We live in a highly individualized society but we have seen that as human beings we thrive when we work, talk, move, love and support collectively. For both Charli and the fans, we see the power of togetherness to heal and creatively push boundaries during an incredibly difficult time period.”

Charli XCX: Alone Together is available now in theaters and on Hulu.  In addition, she recently released her new single “Good Ones,” which is the lead single off her upcoming fifth studio album, Crash, that’s due out March 18.

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