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Charlie Puth says his upcoming album is “my most personal work”

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Charlie Puth cannot wait for his fans to listen to Charlie because its his “most personal work” to date.

The Grammy nominee chatted with Billboard about his new album and explained, “I’ve never had an entire body of work that was my personality with some melody attached to it.”

Charlie, which arrives in stores on October 7, has a unique cover that shows the singer leaning on a white cube and has all the song titles and symbols written out above his head. “The cover speaks for itself to all those little thoughts coming out of my head and notes,” Charlie expressed. 

So, what’s his favorite song on the album? Charlie revealed its a tie between “Smells Like Me” and “There’s a First Time for Everything.”

He revealed the album is designed to contain multiple favorite songs, not just one. “I want your brain to go into a million places when you read these [song] titles, and I also want people to be familiar with these songs, like they’ve heard them before,” he explained. 

He revealed he recorded an album before the pandemic hit, Voicenotes, but he wasn’t feeling it. “I didn’t feel like I wanted to perform those songs for the rest of my life,” Charlie said. When it comes to Charlie, he feels differently.

“The whole album is produced by me and I wrote it with a very, very small group of people,” Charlie said, adding he brought these new songs to life by “involving millions of people on TikTok throughout the process” of creating them.

Charlie also came clean about why he posts so many thirst traps on social media, explaining, “I spend so much money on training sessions and the gym and protein powders — what am I going to [do], just keep it all to myself?”

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