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Check out This Travel Blog


A really good friend of mine, Robyn has started a travel blog that I think is amazing so I wanted to share it with you.

She tells her story in the first post but she’s going through a divorce, took a trip that her and her ex-husband were supposed to take and STAYED there. Like, she lives in south Asia and she’s been traveling since January. Bouncing from place to place and at first I was like how in the ever loving world is she affording this but did you know, that bungalows are like $25-$40 a night?!!  She’s on this incredible healing journey I wish I would have done YEARS ago and if you have ever wanted to travel she’s your go to for questions, especially if you want to solo travel. I had so many questions, I’m like aren’t you lonely?  Are you scared? Do you feel safe? Do you meet people?  She answers all these and more in her blog! Check it out!