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Christina Aguilera teases her next music chapter, ’La Luz’

Billboard Latin Music Week 2022 - Premiere Party With Christina Aguilera
Chris Polk / Billboard

Christina Aguilera is ready to unleash her new music era and teased what she has planned during Billboard‘s Latin Week celebrations.

The singer credited her new all-Spanish album, Aguilera, for making her “truly [fall] in love with music all over again.” She said she would “laugh” and “learn something new” every time she went into the studio to record it.

Christina is gearing up to release La Luz, the third part of her compilation album, and revealed that an unreleased single off the EP is called “No Es Que Te Extrañe.”

She said the song “deals with an estranged or difficult relationship you may have had with someone you were close with, a loved one.”

While not revealing who inspired the song, Christina said, “For me, it does touch on some experiences I had growing up, the environment around me. Inside the home and outside the home, I witnessed various forms of abuse.”

The singer says that now she’s a mother, she has a new perspective on her journey, and doesn’t want the song to “vilify anyone” and “be about blaming.” She expressed, “My purpose is to tell a story that hopefully others can relate to and feel empowered by and find forgiveness for themselves and those who have hurt us.”

She said the song is about “feeling closure in a peaceful way” because “it’s important to let go of things that hurt us so badly that we end up being held prisoner ourselves by them.”

Christina said her new song is not only about forgiveness, but considering that those who hurt her “might have a story, as well” that may have “led to certain choices” in their life.

La Luz is available to preorder now.

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