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Christmas Tea, Puppies and Bubbles


Hi!  Here are some random pics!

We went to The Mad Hatter for the first time this past weekend and its was such a cute experience!  We did the Christmas tea brunch and the tea was fantastic with hot cocoa and pink lemonade for the kids.  My daughter was v impressed with the food that came out next ESPECIALLY the flower they told her was edible. She could NOT handle that she could eat the flower, she tried it…no surprise she didnt think it tasted very good.  She felt very fancy and it was really fun!
















My new puppy I think has grown to full size now but he is OBSESSED with his family (us) and I cant handle how cute he is. He ALWAYS has to be near me when Im in the living room and when I say near me I mean literally on top of me.















I love the determination of my 5 year old. She wanted to snap her fingers so she practiced and practiced and now she can snap all her fingers and at the same time! Then she decided she wanted to learn to blow a bubble with gum. This is the first time she’s had gum so this was her goal and she sat down as much as she could and practiced and practiced until….if only she would use that same determination when it comes to reading and math.