Vote for the New Minnesota State Dish!

Minnesota has an official state grain, muffin, mushroom and fruit….where is the fun in that? Florida has the Key Lime Pie, Georgia has Grits, South Carolina has BBQ and the list goes on and on.

The Morning Show crew think It’s time for Minnesota to join the cool kids. We all have a classic dish in mind when it comes to Minnesota – so let’s try and make it official! We gathered the top answers from our radio listeners this week to get an idea of your favorite dishes and desserts. We hope to get enough responses to make a tangible change and give our beautiful state the added charm we’ve all come to love!

Cast your votes below and share this page with your friends! Listen to Crisco, Dez & Ryan weekday mornings from 6:00a-9:30a for updates on progress.

What Food Belongs on the Official Minnesota State Plate?

    You can vote for up to 3 different options! Which of the above makes for the perfect Minnesota State dish/dessert?
  • Let us know your favorite 3 items that would make for the perfect Minnesota State Dish!