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‘Controlling Britney Spears’ creators claim they listened to Jamie Spears’s secret recordings of the pop star


Framing Britney Spears helped awaken the masses about the controversy behind Britney Spears’ 13-year conservatorship. Now, the second part of the explosive documentary has just dropped.

The makers behind FX and Hulu’s The New York Times Presents Controlling Britney Spears, Samantha Stark and Liz Day, spoke with Entertainment Tonight about what shocked them most about diving further into Britney’s legal woes.

Both say their interview with Alex Vlasov, who worked with the singer for nearly a decade and was a former agent of the security firm Black Box, is one of the most chilling segments of their film.  That’s because Vlasov is the one who claimed Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, bugged Britney’s room and would secretly monitor her emails, phone calls and private conversations.

Vlasov reportedly turned over several recordings allegedly taken by Jamie to authenticate his claims.

“We have a copy of the recording, which we reviewed to authenticate it and make sure it was real,” said Day. “It was really disturbing to listen to. To imagine Britney being recorded secretly in her bedroom, that is just really disturbing.”

Stark added the two “made repeated” efforts to get Jamie’s side of the story, and said he “never denied the allegations that they wiretapped Britney’s bedroom.”

Jamie’s lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, claims in a statement to The New York Times that “All of his actions were well within the parameters of the authority conferred upon him by the court.”

However, Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart believes the elder Spears violated his client’s “privacy rights” and said, after Jamie was suspended as conservator on Wednesday, that “Mr. Spears has crossed unfathomable lines and he must be held accountable.”

As for when the 13-year conservatorship will end, a hearing to determine that has been scheduled for November 12. Another hearing on December 13 will focus on financial and accounting matters.

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