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Couples Are Attempting a TikTok Challenge That ‘Men Can’t Do’

The world of TikTok has been astonished of late by yet another bizarre challenge, but this time it’s one that women can do and men seemingly struggle with.
Basically, it appears that the challenge focusses on the fact that men may have a slightly different center of gravity to women.

That’s pure speculation, but it does seem as if many women can do the challenge, and men can’t.
If you want to give it a go, all you have to do is go on all-fours, then move down to balancing your upper body weight on your elbows, then pull your arms back to behind your back.
Seems easy enough, but – trust me – there’s a real chance that if you’re a dude you’ll end up eating a face full of floor a lot quicker than you’d think.
In the above video, shared by TikTok user @mgfletch, she takes on the challenge with her other half, and – sure as anything – she can do it, whilst her partner plonks his mush straight into the rug.
It’s hilarious, to be quite honest.


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The video states: “Apparently men have a different center of gravity that prevents them from being able to do this”.
Whether there is any scientific evidence to back that claim up is anyone’s guess, but on the evidence of this video at least, it would seem that it’s worth investigating.
It seems as if loads of people have been giving it a go, as well.
The video received thousands of comments from those who have either experienced success, or face-planted in the process of trying.
One said: “Bro. I literally just tried this with my wife. Pretty sure my jaw is broke now.”
Another said: “I made the mistake of showing my husband this video before we did it. He put a pillow down first.
“Still hilarious.”
However, there are exceptions to the rule.
Another person commented: “My husband did it no problem and then yelled ‘core baby!'”
Alright, show off. Some of us haven’t done a crumb of physical exercise since lockdown began. How can we be expected to rely on stomach muscles that don’t exist?