Crisco, Dez & Ryan

Crisco, Dez and Ryan: How much weight will you gain during quarantine?!

Salty Snacks

Since a majority of us are stuck at home snacking all day, there have been rumors floating around that we’re all going to gain the #Pandemic20 or the #Covid19 … but realistically how much weight are we going to gain in all this snacking and staying home?

We found an online calculator that will give you an estimate of how much weight you will gain during this time. And according to this, Dez found out she’s going to put on 14.5 pounds during quarantine!

But no matter how much you gain … who cares! Because guess what?! It’s your body, your choice and as long as we’re all safe and happy … that’s what matters!

Click here to find out how much you will gain?