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Crisco & Dez Have a Slumber Party!

We all know Crisco has a huge heart and would do anything for almost anyone! We also know Crisco is the biggest push over in the state of Minnesota. He can’t say no to anything, no matter who’s asking, no matter what they’re asking. That includes his mom and brother especially who refuse to leave his house. Despite having their own home they could go to at anytime, they know Crisco will pay for everything, do all the work around the house and most importantly, he has all the streaming services! Crisco couldn’t take it anymore and told us he was going to get a hotel room and stay there over the weekend. Just so he could get a break from his family and a little peace and quiet for once in his life. As soon as Dez heard him mention he was going to get a hotel room she said that’s nonsense! Come stay the night with us in River Falls! Despite his constant criticism of River Falls and really all of Wisconsin, Crisco couldn’t turndown the offer. So, over the weekend Crisco packed up his bags and headed across the border to stay with Dez, Taylor and the kids. We had a feeling it was going to be an adventuress night and it sure was! Click here to hear how the night went, including audio from the sleepover and Dez’s kids opinion of the big guy staying the night.